You never know what kind of conversation you’re gonna have when you take a ride in an Uber, Lyft, or a taxi. And on the flip side of that, the drivers don’t know what they’re going to get, either.

A Twitter user who works as a driver shared the story of an interaction she had with an elderly woman that shed a lot of light about love, sex, relationships, and life.

This is how the story began…

Wow. That’s quite an admission…especially to a stranger. But the old woman obviously needed someone to talk to and, for one reason or another, believed she could confide in her driver.

The story continued.

That’s a pretty incredible explanation. Perhaps this driver also moonlights as a writer in her spare time? The elderly passenger responded to the driver’s description of s^x with a woman. She opened up and told the younger woman about her own life experiences and how she never felt fully satisfied with men.

The woman then talked about how she wished her generation would have had different attitudes and beliefs about s^x and relationships. It’s interesting to think about how many people in her age group probably feel exactly the same way she does.

The senior citizen also told the driver that she and her best friend now live together.

The driver took the woman to her doctor’s appointment and scheduled to pick her back up when it was over. There’s no way that could have been the end of this story.

The driver returned and picked the woman up after her appointment and took her home.

And here’s the final tweet in the thread. And it is a good one.

Is that a tearjerker or what?

A beautiful story about love, life, and kindness.

Be good to each other!