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The internet can be a horror show sometimes, no doubt. Between bullying, harassment, arguments about politics, and downright criminal behavior like grooming and stalking, we need the adorable animal pictures, unlikely friendship, and other random hilarity – like Facebook found in this video of a rather attractive man giving storm tips.

Photo Credit: Facebook

The original content came from WKRN Nashville, who nabbed a Tennessee Department of Transportation Employee to hand out tips for navigating the upcoming winter weather. They posted the interview to Facebook, and that’s when the real fun began.

Because they happened to snag an objectively good looking DoT employee for the segment. Just saying. Like, DANG.

I’m definitely not alone in thinking this, because below are just a sampling of the awesome comments that ensued.

Photo Credit: Facebook

But slow down, ladies – he’s got a girlfriend who is totally happy and secure enough in their relationship to post these half-naked pictures of him cooking and cleaning.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Who says the perfect man doesn’t exist?

The pictures inspired perhaps one of the funniest and most honest comments ever posted to the internet.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Preach, girl. We don’t need more encouragement, I promise.