You just can’t get away from the Karens, can you?

And if you actually refer to someone you think is a Karen as a Karen, you’re really gonna get a piece of their mind…that’s just a fair warning for everyone out there.

If you aren’t familiar with the term, a “Karen” is basically a white, middle-aged, entitled woman who thinks the world revolves around her and is extremely rude to service industry workers and always needs to speak to a manager.

You know the type…

Anyway, a woman who reopened her nail salon illegally while the country was in lockdown mode was arrested and it became a pretty big news story because she was sentenced to 7 days in jail.

A guy posted the story on Facebook with the words “Bye Karen” and a woman he knew got very offended by it. Take a look at this exchange that was posted on Reddit.

A total Karen blew up my brother’s DMs for calling out another entitled Karen that broke the law. from insanepeoplefacebook

WOW. She really got offended about this whole fiasco, huh?

Imagine losing a friend over something like this…

People who read the exchange on definitely had feelings about it. This person was quite amused.

Photo Credit: Reddit

And this person had a very good point about how overdramatic this woman was being in regard to the situation.

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Another reader really hit the nail on the head: we all know people just like this.

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And finally, one more comment that really warmed my heart.

If this woman wasn’t annoying enough already, she was also making a major grammar mistake that drives a lot of folks crazy, myself included.

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