When you’re a minority, the world can be a scary, sometimes confrontational place. What makes those bad days worse, though, is when no one takes the time to stick up for you (or you know, be a decent human being).

That was not so on this day, though, when writer Jamie Primak found herself on the ugly end of a racist comment telling her to “stop speaking Spanish” on a flight.

Before she could gather herself and reply, the nearby flight attendant started to speak Spanish, too.

Everyone should have gotten up to dance – the flamenco or something equally Latin, just to top off the point.


Basically everyone on Twitter agreed, with most voicing a yearning to have been there…


….or to be in a similar situation one day…

…to put their own Spanish skills to work!


Seriously, in Europe and other parts of the world, people are celebrated for knowing more than one language! Imagine that!

Then again, it seems like some people don’t have that great a grip on what should and shouldn’t embarrass a person these days.

But more fun for us, right?


Just sayin… 😀