You try your best to keep up with your phone. But then the unthinkable happens…you become separated from your favorite device.

Someone (or something) may find it and decide to have a little fun with the camera function before you get it back. Perhaps your pet gets a little too curious about that thing you carry around all day. Or maybe cloud-based photo sharing awards your day with a random image making you wonder WTF?

Scroll through this list of 12 times people have lost control of their phones with the most unexpected results.

1. Dog selfie, pt. 1.

Photo Credit: Twitter

2. Dog selfie, pt. 2.

Photo Credit: Twitter

3. Dog selfie, pt. 3.

Photo Credit:

4 Talk is cheep, but a picture is worth a thousand words.

Photo Credit: Imgur

5. A self paw-trait?

Photo Credit: Press and Journal

6 An Australian Antarctic expeditioner left a camera on the ice where two Emperor Penguins wasted no time in taking a few selfies, to everyone’s delight.

Photo Credit: My Modern Met

7. Remember last year when we highlighted our cheekbones all the time?

Photo Credit: Reddit

8. Nice people are the best.

Photo Credit: Reddit

9. The owner of this phone has no idea where this photo came from.

Only the “cloud” knows.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

10. You want to be the latter kind of drunk.

Photo Credit: Reddit

11. Is the sun setting or rising here?

Because if it’s rising, that’s hardcore.

Photo Credit: Reddit

12. Discuss…

Photo Credit: Reddit

Finding photos like these might just make losing your camera (briefly) worth all the aggravation.