No one likes to find out that their intimate partner is cheating on them – and that goes double when there’s a second betrayal of a friend.

This poor man had already been through the wringer with the unexpected death of his wife and unborn child, and was looking to pick up the pieces in his hometown.

Part One: The Beginning

Part Two: City Life

Part Three: Maternity Leave

Part Four: Compensation

Part Five: Telecommunications

He thought he’d met someone who made him just as happy…only to realize she was cheating on him when he was out of town.

And so, instead of getting sad, he decided to get them back.

Part Six: House Party

Part Seven: Dating

Part Eight: The Lies

Part Nine: Blocking

So, instead of crying and letting life stick it to him AGAIN, he decided he needed a plan to stick it to them both (the way they were sticking it to each other).

Part Ten: Reality

Part Eleven: Called ID

Part Twelve: Half Naked

His plan was extra extra EXTRA, y’all.

Part Thirteen: THE REVENGE!!!!

Part Fourteen: Early Hours

Part Fifteen: MY GOD!

Part Sixteen: The Cameras

Part Seventeen: Legal Advice

Because he was about to put the final stages into action.

Part Eighteen: The Following Week

Part Nineteen: The Rest of My Plan

Part Twenty: Large Client

Part Twenty-One

Part Twenty-Two: Looking Back

You see where this is going…

Part Twenty-Three: The Call

Part Twenty-Four: Certain Details

Part Twenty-Five: Organizing Cleaners

Part Twenty-Six: Missed Calls

Part Twenty-Seven: TL:DR

One arrested, one homeless, one free and clear and hopefully on his way to a happier life.

Sometimes I feel sorry for these people, but not these two! Yeesh!