I know everyone says this, but my family really is crazy. We’ve got our own weird slang, we celebrate our own made up holidays, and we make each other laugh. A lot. That’s what makes families great. We hope these photos of families being crazy together remind you of fond memories with your own family.

1. “My mom fell asleep in a mall.”

Photo Credit: Imgur, laguiadelvaron.com

2. “My little brother worked at my shop with me today, and I convinced him that brick mopping is a thing.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: SpkyBdgr

3. “My wife is pregnant and she thought it would be funny to take a picture of our dog’s feet looking like they were her’s…”

4. “I had my sister watch my cat for a couple days, and these are all the updates she sent me.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: Lontology

5. “I asked my sister to dry my pants while I got dressed and I came across this.”

Photo Credit: Imgur

6. “My parents left these frames empty for too long, so I decided to fill them.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: Narraboth

7. “My boyfriend decided to take my dog to the beach today for some ’quality’ time together.”

8. “My mom decided to put this in the toilet and I don’t know why. Now I have constipation and nightmares from this thing.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: nom_nom_pugs

9. “My girlfriend was born without a nail on her finger.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: nofapventure

10. “So I found my brother sunbathing…”

Photo Credit: Reddit: COWonROIDZ

11. That’s a good parent.

Photo Credit: Pikabu: alexxela24

12. “I’m buying a car from my dad for $2,500. This is how I’m giving him the money tomorrow.”

13. “My dad had a mop bucket, a sticker, and a vision.”

14. “My dad was dog-sitting my dog, and sent me this.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: Carliiful

15. “A chubby Spider-Man bumping bellies with my dad in Spain”

Photo Credit: Reddit: TigerRaiders

Seems right.