Listen, we’re all here for the same reason, right?

We need a healthy dose of Tumblr in our lives and we need it NOW.

Why, you ask?

Well, I’ll tell you…

Because Tumblr never lets us down! Ever!

Are you ready to enjoy yourself IMMENSELY?!?!

Enjoy these Tumblr posts and have some laughs on us!

1. You mean like this?

Go got ’em! If you want to…

2. Not quite a mad scientist…

Oh, that’s too bad…

3. The creepy vampire castle.

You’ve thought about this before, haven’t you?

4. That sure is sad!

I really don’t like it when this happens.

5. This is you, isn’t it?

It’s okay to admit it…

6. Found a cat that likes water.

It’s a miracle!

7. Pretty much the worst.

Can I help you with something?

8. Are you comfortable?

Make yourself at home!

9. Leslie Nielsen for the win!

He never goes out of style.

10. Emerging from the depths.

Street cats!

11. It’s all happening…

Keep your eyes peeled.

12. Really going through it.

We’ve all been there…

13. Sometimes, you need a little bit extra.

Karma really isn’t that reliable.

14. Now it’s to you…

Your time to shine.

15. Cats on synthesizers in space.

We all needed to see this today.

16. Are you into NFTs?

Now you are!

17. Vicious attack dog.

Better be careful around this guy…

18. That’s better.

Makes the traffic a little more bearable.

Do you have some favorite Tumblr tweets?

Share some good ones with us!

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