Sometimes, the craziest ideas turn out to be the best ones, right? Don’t ever let anyone tell you that your idea is stupid because it might end up making you a million buck!

Here are some perfect examples…

Let’s take a look at these gems.

1. I’d buy that.

Thought this might fit here
byu/Razvix inATBGE

2. Upside-down car!

Saw this car filling up at a gas station in Illinois and did a double-take. The top tires spin too!
byu/javems inpics

3. Missing an ear?

4. Pulled it off!

5. It’ll boost morale.

Staff Kitchen
byu/Gedj inATBGE

6. Nobody will mess with you.

This handbag
by inATBGE

7. The hippo car.

Long time lurker, then I saw this and just had to share.
byu/dreaming-md inATBGE

8. I’d say you succeeded.

“I need people to think I’m a Bond villain”
byu/BabylonLiaison inATBGE

9. The duct tape look.

Was next to a car that was “painted” with duct tape!
byu/Skythen infunny

10. I wonder if it floats.

Actually very well made, but still
byu/CoffeeMix54 inShitty_Car_Mods

11. Get a load of this.

One of the coolest and also worst things I’ve ever seen
byu/dindymolan inATBGE

12. You know you want a pair.

13. They’re not dead!

Photo Credit: demilked

14. Entrance to a dentist’s office.

Photo Credit: demilked

15. Don’t try to eat them.

Photo Credit: demilked

I must say, I’m pretty impressed.

What do you think? Have you ever had any crazy ideas that came to fruition?

Tell us all about it in the comments!