Race relations in America have always been fraught with a sense of tension, and the current political climate has certainly not helped at all.

But what if we could all just get along? That’s where humor comes in –  it’s hard to be hateful when you’re splitting your sides laughing.

Recently, the Afrocentric Film Collaborative Facebook page posted a simple question that ended up gathering a LOT of hilarious comments and went viral along the way.

Here’s where it all started:

Are you ready to laugh? Because these are going to be FIRE.

And yes… you just know that spice usage (or lack thereof) was going to get brought up!

Oh, snappity dappity!

And no… mayo isn’t a spice.

Nice try Ham Hawk.

And let’s talk about generational wealth, shall we?

Because… for real… what’s up with people gettin INSANE loans?

Oh wait… they’re actors?

That makes SO much sense!

What was awesome is how white people on the thread took it all with a great sense of humor.

Because why wouldn’t you, right?

We actually even learned a few things along the way…

Thank you Cliff Bar! That was very helpful!

Yes, we had lots of fun too.

But still… what exactly IS a pinch?


All in all, this conversation definitely made Facebook great again!

Amen to that!

What do you think about these answers? Love how hilarious these are?

Let us know in the comments!