It’s hard enough to think about what it’s like for a human to be blind, but it’s heartbreaking to imagine an animal living without sight. They are most likely terribly confused and uncomfortable a lot of the time.

Duffy, a rescued Irish Terrier, has had his fair share of health problems over the years, and, sadly, diabetes cost him his eyesight.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Doctors were able to get Duffy’s diabetes under control with medication, but his blindness caused him to become very anxious and reclusive. And not being able to see his family left him depressed, as well. So when his family learned that a surgery might help Duffy get his eyesight back, they went to see the doctors at Veterinary Referral Center in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Brady Beale operated on Duffy’s eyes, and the pooch now has his eyesight back!

Photo Credit: YouTube

When he was reunited with his family after the surgery, he was overjoyed to able to see his favorite people for the first time in months.

Watch the whole video of Duffy re-seeing his family below.

Now that is a beautiful story…