There are some pictures you just can unsee, and I think we’ve finally found one we can all agree is one of the most puzzling, unseeable visions that has ever caught our gaze.


Are those boxes? Bags? Hair?

Is that a stuffed monkey… maybe? A bunch of earrings or rings attached to cards?

I’m so confused!!!

Thankfully, I’m not alone. Twitter is just up in arms about this mess of incomprehensible stuff.

Is it evil?

Computers are tricking us!

Don’t you mean a nightmare?

Your guess is as good as mine!

What country is this from? Nocelandia?!

I’m gonna be sick…

Well, it gave me hives, so…

It’s not fair.

What the f*ck indeed!

About those nightmares…


Everybody angry, dude…

Okay, no, but seriously… WHAT THE f*ck IS ALL OF THAT?!?

I’m done.