There are things like opinions, and then there are things like history – for the most part, it’s not subjective, and though people can and do disagree on why or exactly how events transpired, there’s rarely much debate on whether or not they did, in fact, take place.

And Mary and Joseph were wandering in a land not their own, in search of a place to stay though they had little money, on the night Christians believe they gave birth to the baby that would save humanity from its collective sins.

Which is to say, if they wandered – exactly as they were, historically – to America’s southernmost border today to ask for help, there’s a good chance they would end up separated and in camps as their case awaited adjudication.

At least one church takes issue with those facts.

Claremont Methodist Church took the holiday season as a chance to educate people, and to make their humanitarian case against the border separations currently at an all-time high in the States.

Karen Clark Ristine shared the image on Facebook, along with her reaction of being “stirred to tears” at the sight.

People on Twitter agreed with her, and were quick to praise the church for their bravery in speaking out.

It opened up conversations with kids…

And chats about art’s place in society…

That said, the imagery is not without controversy.

Now is not the time to be faint of heart, however, and what better time to be brave than with the holidays right around the corner?

So go out and speak your truth, my friends, both for yourselves and others too disenfranchised to be heard, even with their dying shouts.