Bullies are the worst, and we’ve all dealt with them. They tend to think they’re owed everything when they contribute nothing, and you never know what’s going to set them off.

That’s why stories of comeuppance, especially clever ones, are so satisfying to hear.

This one by Reddit user mountaintrekker was posted to r/ProRevenge and takes more than a few twists. What starts as a water bill fight ends with devilish academic trap-laying.

It’s quite a ride, so buckle up and read on!

First… the set up. In college. Tons of parties in a shared house.

And that came with some confusion about bills.

But there’s no confusion. And he made sure.

So they just drop it… until the next party.

And a fight breaks out! Yikes!

Le Douche is actually acting nicer now.

But… what’s going on? Why so nice?

Oh no, Le Douche and friends… you aren’t cheating of of him.

But is our original poster being weird? Paranoid?

Nope. And he succeeded where they failed. And they couldn’t admit it.

Oh… now that is some sweet, delicious revenge. Imagine being able to ON PURPOSE make somebody fail a class because they’re just a douche bag.

Beautiful. It makes me tear up a bit, tbh.

Have you ever been able to get revenge like this on a bully? Let us know in the comments!