When’s the last time you did something amazing for a complete stranger? I opened a door for somebody yesterday, but that’s about the extent of my anonymous generosity lately.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

The following texts show somebody being incredibly amazing to a complete stranger, and right when that stranger needed it the most. It all went down over on the /HumansBeingBros subReddit.

Get ready to have your mind boggled and your heart filled.

1. First, we have this expert set up…

Photo Credit: Reddit/JeffTrav

2. Then the misunderstanding…

Photo Credit: Reddit/JeffTrav

3. Then the reveal. Yes, she’s serious.

Photo Credit: Reddit/JeffTrav

4. Then the tears. We’re crying too!

Photo Credit: Reddit/JeffTrav

5. Then the affirmation. It’s real. Very, very real.

Photo Credit: Reddit/JeffTrav

Obviously the post went viral and Reddit user JeffTrav shared this update:

“We just got my wife a newer car, and she said she was going to give this one away. At first, she was going to put it on CL for free, but I said that wasn’t a great idea, because you’d get scr*ppers or just anyone wanting a free car who didn’t really need it. We decided to list it as $1200, a bit below its value, because anyone looking for a car in that price range probably just really needs a car. We’ve been in that boat not that long ago, and figure we can help someone who needs it more than we need $1200. We are meeting her later today, and I think my wife is going to give her $500 to register it and maybe get new tires (or whatever she wants to use it for).

UPDATE: Wow, this response is overwhelming! I was hesitant to post this conversation because I thought it would come across as a humble brag. And yes, my wife is amazing. I probably would have just sold the car without giving it much thought. We’re in a place right now where we don’t particularly need the money, so I’m super happy that she wanted to do this.

Thanks for all the practical suggestions about transferring the title. We are meeting her at the DMV to get it registered to her, and will put a sale price of $20, so sales tax will be minimal. I’m not sure if she will let us pay for the registration or not.

I think we will put the $500 in the glove box with a note. Then maybe my wife will text her in a day or so to make sure she found it.”

Well, my faith in humanity is restored. How about you?