I grew up in a pretty small town. There were a couple of local pizza places and they were both pretty delicious. I remember getting excited whenever a time would come when we could go pick up from there. Then, when I was about 13, a Pizza Hut came to town. We were a small enough place that this was an event. I met the manager, my older sister got her first job working there, there were parties and get-togethers, it was something special.

Unfortunately, it also meant the other places shut down. Pizza Hut, the gargantuan national chain, just swept in and took all the business. That was my first exposure to the concept of economic competition and how the big guys thrive while the little guys struggle, even when the little guys are just as good or better. I was also introduced to the idea that where we choose to spend our money makes a difference.

Local businesses and restaurants have a perilous enough time in general. When there’s economic downturn, every little order can matter. Which is why this story from Reddit user Wellworn5 on r/TIFU (Today I F*cked Up) makes for such a satisfying read. Check it out.

Part 1: The Absent Order

Part 2: The Name

Part 3: The Mix-up

Part 4: The Abandonment

Part 5: The Reconciliation

Part 6: The Gratitude

Epilogue: Support Local

Epilogue Part 2: Plot Holes

I’m sure this customer wasn’t the only one telling this story afterward. Little things like this add up quick, especially in tough times. Think through what you can do today.

What’s your favorite local spot you hope people will support?

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