Dads: we got you covered here.

We know you’ve been working your tail off all year long, and you need a rest…or at least a few laughs.

So sit back, kick your feet up, and peruse these amusing posts…you deserve a little break in the action!

1. You have two choices.

2. Don’t worry about it.

3. My, how times have changed…

4. The voice of our generation.

Photo Credit: Twitter

5. The childing is a little off…

6. Get a load of these names.

7. Take that!

8. I can’t do this anymore!

9. No way your kid said that.

10. Let’s plan for 2021.

11. He’s absolutely right.

12. Don’t bring me into this.

13. They are really good at doing that.

14. It’s a free-for-all.

15. Let’s go over that one more time.

We love you dads! Keep up all the great work!

Also, which of these really got you? Let us know in the comments, fam!