This is Charleston Chew:

His namesake came from the popular candy bar, and he is just as sweet! Earlier this year, dog mama, Sharla Wilson moved to Pittsburgh, and, sadly, Charleston was struggling with the move and new environment.

Charleston is partially blind, so his new surroundings stressed the little guy out. As a result, Mr. Chew howled and howled as a way to find his mama until he got used to his new abode.

That’s when he—ah-hem Wilson—left a note on the door warning neighbors :

The owner explained to Upworthy:

“It’s a quiet building and I just didn’t want anyone losing sleep or getting upset over his challenges to adjusting. This isn’t something he just does when I’m away at work. If I’m in another room or in the shower, he’ll howl for me if he wakes up and I’m not by his side.

The viral tweet stacked up almost half a million likes! Who doesn’t love a dog?

Charleston even received treats and toys from retailers.

All in all, Charleston appears to be doing well as he recently celebrated his 12th birthday.

Wilson has been truly touched by the love the internet has given over Charleston.

 “This outpouring of love has been the most comforting experience,” she says. “I see Charleston as this unique and wonderful little guy, and to feel so many people experiencing that with me has been inconceivably fulfilling. His big heart has touched people and it’s beautiful to feel that I’m not alone in my sentiment.”