There’s something that needs your immediate attention. I want you to devote the next three minutes of your day to this meme, because it is very useful.

Amiright? Could you honestly look at this meme, in all its gloriousness, and tell me you have no use for it? Because it basically takes any of your choices that are obvious mistakes and suddenly makes them ok!

See? And now she can keep using it for every other shot of tequila she ends up taking! It’s brilliant!

Ok, how about I just explain by example. Check out these 15 tweets that made perfect use of DtPR so you can come to understand exactly how it could apply to your life someday.

#1. Can you not

Photo Credit: Twitter, @ch000ch

#2. Preach

#3. Drastic, but ok…

#4. Admirable choice…

Photo Credit: Twitter, @imskytrash

#5. Congrats

#6. Arguably productive…

Photo Credit: Twitter, @uwua7mad

#7. What’s that like?

Photo Credit: Twitter, @SJSchauer

#8. Who else had to Google birkin? Just me?

#9. Stealing

Photo Credit: Twitter, @roxiqt

#10. Another blunt?

#11. Yikes…

#12. FOMO

#13. Byeeeee…

#14. Same

#15. K thx

Photo Credit: Twitter, @deluge

My work here is done. Now you take that meme and you go use it! USE IT.