Eviction is not an easy process for anyone involved. Landlords can get a bad rap as heartless or greedy people.

However, they are like business owners who have to do what they must to get by, too.

Below, you’ll see that many struggle and empathize with their tenants before doing what often must be done: evict them.

1. Yeah, you really need to quit that.

Such a disgusting habit. It might have worked out better for him.

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2. Is it that tough to do?!

Doesn’t seem like it should be that tough.

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3. Yikes! Maybe call the cops first?

Something tells me that they need more help than getting kicked out.

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4. See, good things can happen in these situations.

Don’t lose hope, people!

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5. Oh my f***ing gawd!

How can people live like this?!

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6. Well, that is a new form of revenge.

Have to say… that’s a pretty hilarious way to go out.

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7. Haha… well, you must be fun at parties.

I’m so excited to ruin somebody’s life! Wheeeeee!!!

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8. This seems to be most common sense way to be.

Don’t ruin somebody’s life if you don’t have to.

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9. Okay, so that solves that quandry.

Time to go do… apparently nothing?

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10. Yeah, you need to return calls.

Can’t argue with this logic anymore!

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What did you think about those stories? Were you ever in a situation like that? Had to kick somebody out?

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