Have you ever purchased two items from CVS or some other retailers and wonder why receipts are so long? Sure they contain coupons or other alerts for sales, but is it really necessary to use the whole roll on cash register tape for one transaction? It’s a complete waste! Right?

Andrew Nolan took his receipt at CVS and made it functional. I’m not talking about fire kindling, but an actual – dare I say it – lifehack?

Nolan posted this picture showing just how effective a CVS receipt can be in replacing a broken blind to keep the sun out.

Twitter blew up, giving this hilarious lifehack over 250,000 likes.

He told News 5 he’d only purchased about five items and took a few pictures of it on the floor to show his friends. Later, he mistook the receipt for one of his blinds saying,

“…they’re cheap blinds so they fall off pretty often…..and when I realized it was actually the receipt, I thought it would be funny to see if it fit in the window, and it happened to fit perfectly.”

Smart or tacky? I call it a simple act of upcycling!