Here’s a fun game idea from everyone’s favorite or second favorite late night Jimmy.

The rules are simple as he lays them out in this tweet:

I’m guessing that no matter who you are, the gears are already turning in your head. It’s the kind of challenge that seems simple to participate in but feels so satisfying if you can actually manage to nail it, like these folks did. Here are ten of our favorite new show titles we’d love/hate to see.

10. The Doo Part Two

Just make sure you bring along to bag to clean up after him, that’s city ordinance.

9. It’s all good, man

Based on the current trajectory of the series I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if this is where it’s headed in the next season.

8. It hasn’t been your day

The more gritty and embittered reboot of the 90’s classic.

7. Deal with it

It would be the highest profile sting operation in our nation’s history.

6. Filthy little details

Never realized I wanted Mike Rowe to say awful thing to me until now.

5. Pigging out

A lot of kids are going to grow up real fast with this one.

4. Everything in hindsight

So simple, yet so elegant.

3. Whack job

In a later season it could even be set in a prison!

2. Killer comedy

To him belong our days…to him belong our nights…

1. Set it and forget it

This sounds crazy boring and I want to watch it.

There have been some days this year that I’ve been bored enough I might actually turn one of these on a binge a season or two. Gotta stay busy somehow.

What suggestions would you add to this game?

Put ’em in the comments.