First things first… if you haven’t seen the episode and you’re still checking this post out, well, this post is dark and full of spoilers… because duh.

So that was quite an episode, wasn’t it?!

TONS of people died honorably!

The Night King was defeated!

And Cersei… u next gurl!

On to the tweets!

1. Where’d they go?!

2. Fokkin Giant KILLER!!!

3. You’re gonna be disappoint…

4. One. True. Legend.

5. So… you’re in a literal graveyard… and that’s a good idea because…??

6. Oh shiiiiiii…

7. …but they did…. didn’t they?

8. Arya gonna go make some noise!

9. The stakes have officially been… raised.

10. Bran literally did nothing except thank people and fly around in birds. But whatevs.

11. Oh, you think you special? I can warg, bitch!

12. Did you not remember this Daenerys?

13. A true hero’s death!

14. That was a moment, yeah?

15. Not the dragons! Anybody but the dragons!

16. Jorah is true bae.

17. Can’t touch this!

18. Get it Arya!

19. One more shout out for Lyanna Mormont

20. Wargin is hard work

21. We comin 4 u betch!

I can’t wait for next week! But I’ll have to! Because that’s how time works!