Okay, so there are obviously spoilers in this post, because duh.

And if you haven’t seen ‘Avengers: Endgame’ yet… you really deserved to get it spoiled, right? Especially if you’re reading this which you SHOULD NOT IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE MOVIE.

Alright kids, now onto the fun…

Reddit user Jus10Sch lays out the story, but not before labelling his post with the warning we just gave you!!!!

Photo Credit: Reddit/Jus10Sch

And then the fun began…

Photo Credit: Reddit/Jus10Sch

Yeah, you read that right. He messaged this guy for 7 WHOLE MONTHS.

And then, he got the good news he had been waiting for…

Photo Credit: Reddit/Jus10Sch

We don’t ever recommend taking a bunch of pictures in a theatre, but this was revenge!

And yeah, he got Iron Man dying too…

Photo Credit: Reddit/Jus10Sch

His “friend” was serious befuddled…

Photo Credit: Reddit/Jus10Sch

That is stone f*cking cold.

A worthy revenge if I’ve ever seen one.