Finding out your spouse is being unfaithful has to be one of the biggest, most shocking betrayals of a person’s life. While some people might down their sorrows, or just walk away, others get mad – and bent on revenge.

This man, who found out his wife was sleeping with one of her professors, definitely falls into the latter category.

And it’s been a minute since all of this happened…

And Jamaica even makes an appearance!

And he never would have known had it not been for a surprisingly honest student…

Okay, so far, all normal reactions.

But then, he finds out they’ve been laughing about how stupid he was not to figure it out.

And he snapped.

Wait… weed lube? Googling now… okay, yes! Will try.

Back to the proceedings…

Then, he puts the next part of his dastardly plan into action.

Yes, this is evil.

Evil. Genius.

And that’s when his plan really takes off.

And the fallout continues!

Whew. That was a LOT, y’all.

Do you feel badly for the wife? The professor? Agree with the “burn it all down” mentality?

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