The “fake phone number” trick has been around for pretty much as long as there have been phones and men who can’t take a hint. And, to be clear, if a woman needs to resort to giving you a F*ke phone number in order to get you to leave her alone, you’re doing something very wrong, my dude.

There are entire services and prank set ups for this kind of thing, but in a pinch, you can always just give out a random number. Of course, this might result in some unsuspecting third party  becoming a part of the misadventure, which is apparently what happened in this exchange uploaded by a user called solidsnake4545, and the duped guy was none too happy about it.

And so we begin…

Chapter 1: Good Morning

Chapter 2: Nice Guy

Chapter 3: Pointlessly Persistent

Chapter 4: Double Twist Ending

Of course, it’s not difficult to F*ke a conversation like this, so, who’s to say whether this is a conversation captured in the wild or a cautionary fiction. Either way, don’t be this guy. Don’t be a Keegan. (Apologies to any other Keegans who may be reading this.)

Have you ever had to do the F*ke number thing?

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