Hearing loss due to aging is just a fact of life, but as anyone who has older parents, aunts, uncles, or grandparents, knows, it can be hard for people to accept the fact that they need a little assistance.

That said, as anyone who has tried speaking to one of these people without a hearing aid can attest, the results can be annoying and hilarious. And annoying.

Which is exactly the scenario that Ryan Kober found himself in when he took his uncle and grandfather to get their hearing aids checked.

It started the moment they climbed into the car. Ryan really had no choice, you can clearly see.

The look on his face says that he’s questioning his sanity in volunteering for this outing.

I mean. It was aloud? Right? Ha!

Humming in unison when they can’t hear each other takes some serious talent!

Do they think they’re in the shower?

You never know what you’re missing, I guess!

Meaning… EVERYTHING you’ve been missing.

The results? Two happy customers.

And a happy internet.

What more could a person ask for, right?