Most of us plan on only getting engaged once (whether or not that ends up being true is a different story), but few decide to have fun with the big moment the way Edi Okoro did while waiting to pop the question to his girlfriend, Cally Read.

He bought the ring, but couldn’t decide on the perfect way to propose or the perfect moment.

In the meantime, he decided he might as well have a little fun.

He started wearing the ring, parading it around in plain sight – right in front of Cally – waiting for her to notice it so he could get down on one knee.

It turns out that when you’re not looking for a ring, it takes quite a while for you to see one.

Or at least, it did for Cally.

And since Okoro documented the whole thing on Facebook, we all get to laugh (and cheer!) along.

Good wishes for the happy couple – I hope every step of their adventure together is this much fun!

And Cally… when you get pregnant… you know what to do to Edi with the test results.

Just saying…