If you’re married or in a relationship with a male of the human species, you’re likely aware that they’re overgrown children and still find jokes that have to do with the female body and bodily functions hilarious.

My own grandmother stopped me from naming a Cabbage Patch doll “Beth Mindy” because her initials would have been BM. I had no idea what that meant, but took her advice and christened the doll “Mindy Beth” instead. I think it had a nice ring to it. But I digress.

The original poster (OP) in this case says there’s no harm, no foul, in suggesting his son give his stuffed tiger “Tig” the surname (middle name) of “Bitties.”

AITA for suggesting my 7yo name his new stuffed tiger "Tig Bitties"? from AmItheAsshole

His wife, though, thinks it’s terrible and could cause trouble down the road, should the tiger become a beloved toy that leaves their house for sleepovers and the like.

While most people feel like the guy is NTA (not the a**hole) or that there are NAH (no a**holes here), a few take issue with his immaturity.

And some… well, they’re completely on his side.

Because that’s how this world works.

And this complicated response…

But seriously guys… why is this funny? I mean… come on.

He should probably think things through a bit better, say those who claim he’s TA (the a**hole) in this scenario.

As a married woman with two little boys, I expect my own sense of humor when it comes to things like this will have to find a way to grow – or at least tolerate – jokes that aren’t at all funny. And this woman is going to have to do the same, because it’s too late to turn back now – Tig Bitties is here to stay.

So… idea… how about she suggest the name Call Smock for her son’s next stuff animal?

Because, ya know…