One of the first things you learn after having kids is that they will humble you in every last way possible.

Even if you’re famous, even if you’re important, those children you created will be able to bring you back down to earth with a well-turned phrase that comes straight from the heart.

So, I’m sure experienced mama Hillary Duff wasn’t surprised (but she was probably delighted) by what ensued when she decided it was time for her kiddos to view The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

While her little daughter, Banks, doesn’t appear terribly interested…

Image Credit: Instagram

…her 7-year-old is absolutely transfixed!

Image Credit: Instagram

Her boyfriend/fiancee documented the entire thing, and I love how much fun she seems to be having, too.

Image Credit: Instagram

Just a few scenes of reality from a happy family enjoying one of Mom’s crowning achievements!

You go Hillary!