Fails are hilarious! When they don’t happen to you

That’s the beauty of social media though, isn’t it?

You get to laugh from afar as people humiliate themselves and what could be more fun than that?

Here’s a collection of epic fails that we think you will enjoy immensely.

1. That does not look comfortable. At all.

2. Total disaster.

3. You blew it!

4. Smooth move.

5. An epic chase.

6. Very close.

7. It’s now sh^t.

8. He is not happy.

9. Lot of free time on your hands.

10. Monday will be weird…

11. Dammit, Charlie!

12. Almost made it!

13. This is amazing.

Ouch…you gotta laugh and feel sorry for these folks at the same time.

We want to hear from you?

Have you failed epically lately? Or maybe you saw someone else really blow it big time?

Tell us about it in the comments!