Hey, we really feel you on this one.

Everyone’s world was suddenly turned upside down, we’re all stuck at home all the time, so how are you supposed to exercise if you’re used to going to the gym…which is definitely closed down for now?

You don’t want to put on too much weight during the lockdown so you’re determined to get into a workout routine at home…but that couch is calling your name, isn’t it?

We’re in the same boat!

And that’s why these memes and posts about trying to work out at home really speak to all of us…let’s take a look.

1. Once is enough.

Now go back to bed.

2. I agree with you!

I think a lot of other people do, too.

3. Here’s your new routine.

This should do it!

4. I’ve been crying almost daily.

But for other reasons…

5. You are an elite athlete, sir.

And I salute you!

6. You’re doing it the right way.

You gotta get that cheese in.

7. That means you’re doing ZERO.

And I salute you, too!

8. Damn straight!

That would be interesting…


Don’t mess with Maury. He’ll find out.

Photo Credit: someecards

10. That looks very difficult.

Have you tried this yet?

Photo Credit: someecards

11. It’s nice to dream…

It’s not gonna happen!

Photo Credit: someecards

12. Very dangerous stuff.

Don’t try this at home!

Photo Credit: someecards

Hey, keep trying! Eventually, you’ll get used to it! Hopefully…

Okay, we want you to be honest with us…

Are you having a hard time sticking to an exercise routine while you’re stuck at home?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know how it’s going!

And, if you are doing a good job, give us all some tips!