Americans like to say they’re number one at everything, and maybe their low education levels might be why they believe such a thing in the first place?

Yeah, the truth hurts, and according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation, American students rank 28th in math and science scores.

So the educated people at Home Snacks made a map of the United States comparing each state with a foreign country that is said to have similar education levels, using the United Nations Development Program index.

Understanding this map will take knowledge of both United States and world geography, which means you’ll most likely get it if you live in the Northeast.

First, the full version (click to enlarge).

Photo Credit: Home Snacks

Now here it is zoomed in, if that helps you focus.

The Northeast and Midwest tend to be on a similar track as European countries.

While the Southeast is largely comparable to Central America and Africa.

The Northwest appears to be the most diverse.

Although the Southwest is pretty diverse in its own right.

I guess like everything else in America, there are advantages and disadvantages to living in every nook and cranny of the country – but I’m not placing any bets on people deciding to forgo their home state for better education anytime soon.