Getting a text from your ex on the day meant to symbolize taking steps forward into the rest of your life (either of your lives) is something that only happens in the movies – usually with disastrous consequences.

But the text this woman received in the days before her ex was scheduled to get married isn’t what you think (which is not to say people didn’t have some thoughts, y’all).

When a text from an unknown number came in, Alexis Aguilar didn’t know what to think, but after he revealed that it was an ex-boyfriend, she quickly asked how things were going.

New phone, who dis?

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His reply is, well, you’ll see…

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This is the full text:

“I’m getting married tomorrow. I wanted to send you this message. (My fiancee knows I’m sending this to you).

Thank you for being my first love. Thank you for always encouraging me, thank you for keeping me out of trouble, thank you for the times you took care of me when I was sick, and depressed. Thank you for loving me. If you haven’t already, I hope that one day you find love.

If you loved me that much when we were young I can only imagine how strong and powerful your love is now. The way your heart is made is amazing. I know we were only kids when we were dating but you taught me what love is.

To the man who is lucky enough to have you as their wife, I hope he treats you with care, I hope he knows who he has in front of him, I hope he shows you love and loyalty every day. You deserve that and more.

My point in all of this is, you are the reason why I know how to love someone. You taught me love, you taught me how to deal with my anger, how to deal with my depression and how to live life to the fullest and I’m grateful for you. I wish you love and happiness.


That’s…a lot.

And while some people were quick to applaud his maturity…

And they were genuinely touched by it…

In many ways…

Others were like whoa there dude, that’s…weird.

Like… wow…

But Alexis says that, considering the two of them dated during a turbulent period in their lives, including the suicide of a close friend, his intense emotions around their shared past didn’t seem strange.

She told Buzzfeed that the she shared the texts as a reminder that “just because things don’t work out with someone, that doesn’t mean you should have hate towards them. Regardless of everything, you were meant to be a part of that person’s life, and them, yours.”

If you’re curious how she replied, here you go.

Now, get out there and just try to be as reformed and mature as these two.

I dare you.