Sometimes, Reddit gets weird and this is definitely one of those instances.

But you just gotta go with it, baby! Because sometimes the weird ones are actually a lot of fun.

Here was the question that Reddit users were asked:

“If school was a game, what would be some loading screen tips?”

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Words to live by.

“Be careful!

Not everything served in the cafeteria is edible.”

2. You really shouldn’t care all that much.

“You won’t give a sh^t about 99% of the NPCs in the next 10 years.

Stop giving a f*ck.”

3. Make the time fly.

“Turn off your HUD so you don’t know the time.

It goes by faster.”

4. Big pro tip!

“Find your teacher’s hidden bottle of wine for extra points.”

5. You don’t want to be the dunce.

“Pay attention in French.

Get left behind and you won’t be able to tell when you’re teacher’s poking fun at you to the rest of the class.”

6. That’s why I sat in the back…

“It’s easier to pay attention if you sit in the front of the class.”

7. Just don’t worry about it.

“Nobody really cares about that pimple.

I have pretty clear skin, and I used to get one insanely annoying zit in the most obvious place on my face and then I would keep my hand or hoodie on my face in that one spot during class, and trying to hide it was probably more noticeable than just not doing anything at all.

Eventually I realized that if I can’t remember whether other people have pimples or not, due to obvious concentrations on assignments or upcoming presentations, how would they remember mine, since everyone is going through the same thing I am. It totally changed my perspective and led to a huge confidence boost, and I stopped trying to pointlessly hide my pimples.”

8. Stay clean.

“Shower daily.

Had to sit behind someone with horrible BO. I always tried to befriend and talk to everyone around me… i couldnt bring myself to talk to her ever.”

9. Good advice.

“Studying for long periods of time is less effective than studying frequently for shorter periods of time.”

10. Makin’ friends.

“Make friends with your teacher.

Befriending the school faculty can provide randomly generated bonuses and low-level rule breaking will not impact your ‘after-school detention meter’.”

11. Go slow to go fast.

“Focus on one task at a time. Do things slowly and intentionally.

Write it down, you won’t remember later.”

12. I definitely made this mistake before.

“The front door has a metal bar in the middle.

Don’t be an idiot.”

13. Don’t get burned out.

“Burnout is a real thing: Avoid it!

I chucked through the first 2.5 years of high school, made a great impression on all my teachers. Then I completely burnt out but coasted by on teachers liking me and giving me extra time to finish work. Now I need to un-burnout before I go to college at a place that will tear me to shreds if I don’t have a pristine work ethic.”

14. Don’t do it!

“Do not use Wikipedia, as it will upset the teachers.

Pro-tip, use the sources cited in the Wikipedia articles instead, no more angry teachers.”

15. Some good tips.

“Time management is the key to your success

Do not worry about majority of the people you meet here. They only like being friends because you’re there 5 days a week

Stay away from as$holes.”

And there you have it, friends!

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