It’s pretty fun to imagine that school might be a game we all have to figure out to play – and win – and to be honest, sometimes it feels like that might be some version of the truth.

If it were a game, these experienced gamers have some ideas for which tips belong on the loading screen page.

15. Not even to go to the bathroom!

Make sure to have your pencil sharpened during a test.

(Because some teachers don’t let student’s get up during tests)

14. This is actually a really good tip.

“Ask questions when you’re confused, chances are you’re not the only one.”

13. I’m not sure this is a good tip, but it is a tip.

when the teacher asks “I don’t know, can you?” say “yes” and leave, you have won.

12. What if there are more than 3 choices?

“no matter what if you don’t know the answer on the multiple choice test the answer should default as c”

11. More people should probably realize this.

“If someone hits you, you’ll get in trouble regardless of if you fight back or not, so you might as well at least get them off you”

10. Otherwise no grade!

Don’t forget to write your name on the top of the exam.

9. Are there good snacks in them though?

Stealing from the vending machine gives you a half star wanted level

8. An excellent life tip if I’ve ever seen one.

tip: try to pee inside the toilet bowl

7. So say we all.

“Look man we didn’t know what we were doing when we made this game, you’re pretty much screwed”

6. For multiple reasons.

Be nice to every player you interact with!

Especially the quiet kid.

5. You’ll have nightmares forever if you don’t.

Always check the back side of your tests!

4. Depends on where you go to school.

“You can win the game just by doing Homework [Easy / Normal mode only.]”

3. Unless your teacher won’t let you leave to pee.

Be sure to drink water!”

2. Duke’s up.

Getting suspended for fighting is worth it if it means the bullying will stop.

1. Definitely make a note of that.

“If a university burns down, all students graduate with a bachelors degree”

I love all of these! They take me back to school without literally taking me back to school, so, bless.

What tips would you add? Which of these is a must? Talk to us in the comments!