Being single can be pretty lonely and sad sometimes, but look at it this way: think about all the poor folks who shacked up RIGHT BEFORE the worldwide lockdown and who now can’t stand each other and think they made the biggest mistake of their lives.

I’m doing just fine by myself on my couch, thank you very much…

Oh, also, I spend a big chunk of my free time crying on that couch…

Are you ready to laugh at some hilarious posts about being single?

Let’s get started!

1. The good stuff!

All you can eat!

2. Those days are over.

And they’re never coming back!

3. Yeah, pretty much.

It’s a sad state of affairs out there…

4. Yes! I love it!

Use all the pillows you need, buddy.

5. Time to run away!

It was fun while it lasted, though.

Photo Credit: someecards

6. Pure and simple.

With no distractions.

7. This is actually brilliant.

Get this guy a job!

8. Need someone around to feel safe.

But then you get over it…

9. There you go.

Time to take care of #1.

10. Yeah, it’s pretty bad.

Just focus on yourself for now! You’ll be fine!

11. Sounds like quite a day.

Treat yourself!

I guess being single can be kind of a mixed bag. A lot of ups and downs…kind of sounds like being in a relationship…

What do you think? Is it good or bad?

Do you prefer to be single or to be paired up with someone?

Talk to us in the comments, we look forward to hearing from you.