Scorpios are a unique breed, huh? They’re known to be dramatic, intense, unpredictable, and emotional.

And the people who have dated them, been married to them, or had to deal with them a lot on a daily basis know all of these things to be very true.

So what to do? Put them on blast on Twitter, of course! Here are some funny and accurate tweets about all those Scorpio folks out there.

1. Two sides of the coin.

2. Not even gonna try.

3. Split personality.

4. Build up those life points.

5. Hmmm. Is this a good thing?


7. Is this true?

8. Shock and awe.

9. She really wants to know what they’re gonna do…

10. That’s kind of crazy.

11. Shouldn’t joke about that.

12. Now you’re being ignored.

13. Jekyll and Hyde.

14. Taking it to the extreme.

15. Bit of a control fre*k…

I’m sorry, Scorpios…but it had to be done.

Everybody out there, we want your feedback!

If you are a Scorpio or maybe if you’ve just had to deal with them in your life, tell us what you think about them. Don’t hold back, now!