Yachts, Rolexes, tissues made of money. We’ve experienced it all, right? Nope. Not unless you are filthy rich and diving into a money chamber like Scrooge McDuck or you spend Daddy’s money like Richie Rich.

Either way, here’s a glimpse into the life of rich¬†kids through Snapchat. Oh to have this life. Kind of…

10. First world car problems

What a bummer for you.

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9. $55 a bottle! What?

There’s plenty of water that’s good enough.

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8. It may be peasant food, but you can’t deny the fries!

I hear they serve caviar in hell. Enjoy that!

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7. iPlates, anyone?

More like iHatesTheRich… amirite?

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6. 4 Floors are not enough?

Tell your “daddy” that you need a dog for each floor!

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5. When you stub your toe and it dents, you know it’s real

But this…. this ain’t real. Liars.

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4. At least it gets good gas mileage

You know, anybody can make a black Amex, right? Literally anybody.

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3. I’ll sob just for the cash

Oh really? You have a whole $120 showing. What a BALLER!

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2. Can dogs tell the difference?

Well, I can. Fishing bottles out of the garbage behind the bar and then filling them up with water. I know your tricks, Brittany!

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1. That time Daddy bought you a plane

Which Google image search do I do today? Hmmm….

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Can you buy “Appreciation” with all those riches? I suppose, not.

Which of these Snaps made you the most furious?

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