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If you’ve seen the deep fake videos of Bill Hader becoming Tom Cruise, or Jim Carry as Jack Nicholson, you know how fascinating and unnerving they can be. One popular Instagram artist seems to have made that unnerving fascination their whole thing.

User Arkane memes (@arkanememes) has dozens and dozens of images that mash up celebrities and fictional characters with hilarious and horrifying results. By the end of this list, you should probably know whether you’ve absolutely got to give them a follow or if it all makes your brain feel too melty.

15. Eminem + Tim Curry =

14. Dwight Shrute + Walter White =

13. Larry David + Harry Potter =

12. Old Greg + Connor McGregor =

11. Homer Simpson + Boomhauer =

10. Deuce Bigalow + Bruce Springsteen =

9. Dwayne Johnson + Shania Twain

8. Hulk Hogan + Pulp Fiction =

7. Ron Swanson + Elton John =

6. Jared Leto + Jay Leno =

5. Billy Ray Cyrus + Bill Nye =

4. Nicholas Cage + Nickelback =

3. Macaulay Culkin + Dana Scully =

2. Jonah Hill + Dr. Phil =

1. Christopher Walken + Mr. Spock =

Honestly, I’ve spared you some of the more mind shattering ones, but if you liked these, you should definitely check out the account for more. I’m going to go wash my brain out with soap.

What celebrities do you think should be mashed up?

Tell us in the comments.