This is the wildest “Am I the A**hole” thread we’ve come across in a while.

It involves an on-again off-again marriage, a child conceived on a break, a deadbeat dad, a weird agreement, and ultimately, a fight about naming a baby after a day.

I don’t know. Just…read the original post:

Part One

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Part Two

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Part Three

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Part Four

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Part Five

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Part Six

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Where do you even begin with something like this?

The people of Reddit didn’t really seem to know.

But that didn’t stop the opinions from pouring in, and the general consensus was “Boy oh boy is this a hot mess.”

1. Why make agreements when you can’t agree on things?

2. Many urged him to look beneath the surface…

3. Think through your decisions a bit.

4. Clearly nobody is really winning here.

5. “We’re not here to give you ammunition.”

6. There’s no denying it: a person named Tuesday is gonna catch a lot of flak.

7. Even when the name is used, it’s not typically for boys.

8. Obviously some things about this kids’ future need to be nailed down.

9. Maybe just nobody should make these pacts anymore.

10. What might the kid have to say about this?

11. Remember: babies aren’t pets. They turn into full-grown people.

12. Discussions of the whole calendar ensued.

13. This was inevitable.

14. But isn’t there an unspoken rule in these agreements?

15. It’s all relative.

Personally, I don’t think there’s any escaping the fact that naming someone Tuesday is going to result in terrible jokes and taunts following them for the rest of their lives, which will range from brutal to vaguely annoying. That said, this situation has so many red flags that there’s clearly a lot more these two need to discuss. Here’s hoping they can work it out. Yikes.

But what do you think?

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