I know that from reading the title, you’re ready to be like ‘yes, of course he’s the a**hole in this Am I The A**hole scenario because it’s none of his business and also doesn’t he love her for her and not her appearance” but she for the sake of hearing him out, let’s read on.

The couple (he says ) are generally happy and compatible, but on this particular morning, they were getting ready to go to a wedding a few issues cropped up. She was upset because he hadn’t showered the day before and wasn’t planning to shower before the wedding, so he snapped back that her choice to not shave her legs was “disgusting and a huge turnoff.”


Apparently, that’s a thing – like wearing makeup and heels* – that’s expected of girls, godd*mnit!

AITA for telling my girlfriend that she needs to shave her legs?

Here me out, before you all throw the misogynist card. I’ll keep it as short as possible.

As background information, my girlfriend is very high-maintenance. She doesn’t wear makeup or do fancy things with her hair, but she’s always spending money on creams and oils and masks or whatever to put on her face and skin. She says it helps moisturize and keep her skin and pores healthy. Honestly, I say that anything from health stores and brands is a waste of money but it’s her money so I don’t say much.

She is also very controlling when it comes to me and my apartment. My housemates and I are very busy and we hardly have guests over to entertain them. It’s not like there are dead rats in the corners of the place but she doesn’t like the occasional sweater thrown on the floor or dishes in the sink and she’s always telling me to stop doing that.

On to the story, we were invited to my friend’s wedding and because I live much closer to the venue, she stayed the night (cue the complaining about dishes, paper on floor, etc.). I had a long day so I decided not to shower, which again she complained about but let it go since I told her I’d shower in the morning.

In the morning when we were getting ready, I decided not to shower because I overslept and thought that washing my face and putting some cologne and deodorant would be more than sufficient. My girlfriend obviously protested saying that I was gross, so I got pretty annoyed and told her that it’s gross that she doesn’t shave her legs because it’s a huge turn off and it’s disgusting. It’s bad enough that she doesn’t wear makeup or heals or normal things girls are supposed to do. I know I can’t force her to do anything but it’s expected, you know? We’re going to a damn wedding.

Things escalated and she got mad, saying that not showering was not the same thing as not shaving, especially is guys are not expected to shave. But society has already made that call. She then changed her clothes from slacks and a blouse to a dress that went to her knee, making her legs even more obvious. My mom says that I’m TA and is siding with Sabz.

This is ridiculous, AITA?

He clearly knows that he’s in the wrong, because his mother even sided with the GF, but also…I don’t think this is the right girl for him.

Most (all) replies were in defense of her, here, like this person who pointed out that if he wants a girly-girl girlfriend, maybe he should go find one instead of trying to force someone to change.

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Several people, like this person, point out that his girlfriend doesn’t sound high maintenance at all.

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And this person would like him to know that he’s gross.

Very gross.

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Also…warning someone to wait before they call you a misogynist almost certainly means you are, in fact, a misogynist.

And the beat goes on…

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And on…

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Her move with wearing a dress instead of pants really put the icing on the cake if you ask me.

Whose side are you on? I hope you’re calling him an a**hole along with the rest of us!

But, if not… let us know why you’re wrong in the comments!