Picture this. You’re walking down the sidewalk on a sunny day, taking in the breeze and enjoying some exercise. Then you stop and see a dog on a roof. What would you do? Call the fire department? I mean, surely they could get the pup down like they do cats in trees. Or would you knock on the person’s door to tell them their dog is in jeopardy?

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/Gallowbo*b

But what if they were totally aware their pup was up there, and in fact have had so many concerned neighbors knocking that they put this note on their door?

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/Gallowbo*b

Not to worry this is apparently a thing for dogs.

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/windyans

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/kittyskid

According to Wag Walking, high vantage points are a thing!

“Dogs are territorial animals and when they consider a space to be theirs, they’re going to protect it to the very best of their ability. To be able to do a proper job of keeping his territory safe from predators and unwanted invasions by other dogs, your dog needs to have an advantageous viewpoint from where he can survey the boundaries of his grounds.”

So there you go – no need to worry!