It’s a man’s world? Ha. I don’t think so.

Judging by the number of hilarious women who are keeping all of us laughing consistently on social media, I’d say women are in charge.

No doubt about it. Don’t believe me? Then just take a look at these funny tweets.

Trust me on this one…

1. A lot of this going around…

2. This is big news.

3. It’s your fault.

4. Whatever works…

5. Funny…and kind of sad…

6. A strange time, huh?

7. Performing major surgery.

8. That is very odd.

9. Remember that?

10. Just make a list.

11. I’d love to have one of these right now.

12. True for all of us right now…

What did I tell you? AM I right, or am I right or am I RIGHT?

I thought so…

Alright, how about doing us a favor and share some links for funny tweets by women in the comments.

We appreciate it!