We’re all familiar with the common autocorrects that drive us insane on our smartphones. “Ducking” instead of, well, you know. “Judy” when you’re trying to type “Just.” The list goes on and on…

Well, in case you haven’t noticed lately, autocorrect has changed “Jesus Christ” to…wait for it…”Jesus Heist.” Seriously. A guy named Chris Hewitt pointed out how this new development totally sounds like a cool action movie.

Hewitt’s tweet got the ball rolling and the Twitter collaboration began!

A very good point…who could fill those shoes on the big screen? But Hewitt fired back with his own plot twist.

And then some awesome and creative possible titles for this excellent film came rolling in.

This title is pretty solid.

And here’s an excellent tagline that would bring folks to the theaters in droves.

Let’s look at some possible dialogue for this blockbuster, shall we?

I can picture this scene in my head.

I think this is a good scene to end on, don’t you?

And Hewitt had one final note for us readers and Twitter folks.

This movie practically writes itself! Brilliant!

What do you think? Do you have any ideas for this film?

Let us know in the comments!