We all love a good celebrity trolling and Nick Jonas and John Stamos have brought the game to a new level.

The Full House star apparently started trolling Jonas back in 2018 when he was spotted wearing a Jonas Brothers’ concert tee.

Nick fired back and wouldn’t be outdone.

Photo Credit: This is Insider

Yep, that’s a picture of John, wearing a picture of the Jonas Concert T. Well, things don’t stop there.

The face within the face pictures keeps on coming thanks to Jonas’ IG message:

Photo Credit: Instagram, @nickjonas

John is having a few strange dreams on his custom pillowcase…

Photo Credit: Twitter, @JohnStamos

The games should stop there. How does it get any better than this prank?

Guess again…

Photo Credit: Instagram, @nickjonas

Jonas fired back like a social media titan:

“I’ll sleep well tonight knowing #sucker is number 1”

Makes us wonder if this was a ploy to promote his new single. But hey, no shame in that.

And Stamos will win this war of bromance and strongly celebrate the success of the Jonas Brothers new single.

I’ll let the picture do its job.

Fake ink or not, this truly speaks of these two’s burgeoning romance.

Keep on loving, boys!