The world is basically on fire (literally and figuratively), your kids are probably wrecking the house or learning how to drive or something, your house is a mess and your boss wants something done ASAP even though he’s on his third vacation of the summer.

Basically, you need these 10 tweets and, as a bonus, time to breathe and read through them.

You’re welcome.

10. You know she would.

If she had opposable thumbs.

9. I want to live on this side of that fence.

So I can see this smiling face!

8. Proof positive that being drunk isn’t an excuse for anything.

This guy is the bestest guy!

7. I don’t know this person but I still fist-pumped and teared up.

And, btw, f**k cancer!

6. My heart just grew three sizes.

Chili’s… you’re doing social media right!


Awwww…. I’ve never seen this before!

4. We really can clean up the earth if we get started!

We just need people, time and patience.

3. I think about this little girl every time I’m facing an uphill battle.

Just 4 things? Pffft. Easy.

2. Well that’s an adorable argument if I’ve ever heard one.

You might even be able to stretch that to 20 seconds.

1. Dads really are the best.

And dads who give you mango? Those are REALLY great.

Feeling better, and ready to tackle the world? I know I am!

What is your favorite way to relax and de-stress? Did these tweets do it for you? Are you wanting to go out and conquer the world now?

Let us know in the comments!