What did you want to be when you grew up? An astronaut? A dancer? Or something a little more mundane? True story: I wanted to be a garbage man (they hang onto the backs of moving trucks and throw trash into giant, crushing, metal jaws, I mean come on.)

Eight year old Brayden Lawrence apparently has her sites set firmly on “Target employee.”

Brayden is so obsessed with the retail chain that her family members worked with store managers and employees to create a full-on Target birthday experience.

The day came complete with target uniforms, nametags, and employee responsibilities.

Apparently, it was a big hit.

Yay Target!

You know how it goes. You head into Target for soap and you end up leaving with an entire child’s birthday party.

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Target reserved a “dining” section, complete with lots of treats.

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We can only wait and see if Brayden will still find the retail world glamorous in a decade or so.

What was your biggest obsession as a kid?

What would have blown your mind to have a birthday about?

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