The question on reddit was this:

What highly illegal thing took place at your high school?

Oh boy… lots of people had stories to share. Soooooooo many stories.

Some funny. Some sad. Some completely insane.

High school was a weird time for many, and you’re about to find out how crazy it got…

1. This is why you don’t give your kids booze.

High school coach didn’t keep tabs on our team during a weeklong beach trip to play games in Florida. Parents supplied kids with alcohol, one of my teammates snaps his neck diving into the ocean.

Coach fired, kid paralyzed. Literal chaos within our baseball program ensued, it was awful.

I transferred.

2. Where do you go to school?!?!

Let’s see, where should I start?

Freshman year – 2 rapes in bathrooms, 1 fatal stabbing.

Sophomore year – Shooting in the courtyard, half pound of coke found in students locker.

Junior year – Drama teacher(f) caught sleeping with 3 students

Senior year – Gym teacher/Driver’s Ed teacher(m) impregnates freshman girl. Then it is discovered he has not had a valid Driver’s License for 6 years, invalidating the Driver’s Ed class for everyone that took it during that time period.

3. This. Is. Nuts.

Spanish teacher got arrested for illegally bringing over a 14 year old Argentinian girl and keeping her as a s^x toy.

But since she was here illegally and wouldn’t testify against him she was deported and he came back to school later in the year. Come to find out a couple of years later he had molested like half of the girls volleyball team he was the coach of.

4. The difference between these two incidents!

My senior year one of my friends was murdered by her boyfriend and he drove around with her body in the trunk for a couple of hours.

Also, a couple of kids got caught giving each other piercings in the stairwells.

5. Freshmen are dumb…

There were 4 freshmen in the bathroom stall just vaping and a teacher came in so they fre*ked out and didn’t want to get in trouble so they thought calling the cops on the teacher for harassment would get them out of trouble.

They got expelled an hour after the cops arrived.

6. Well, that’s a sure way to get fired!

This was middle school, but our computer teacher was fired after they caught him watching porn in the computer lab during lunch.

Rumor has it, he was watching on the big projector screen they use for teaching.

7. The “cool” kids…

The cool gang of kids (not me, I’ve never been anywhere near cool…) got into a dare contest which ended up with one of them having to get a pair of knickers from a particular girl. She didn’t want to play the game… so he ended up cornering her in a boys toilet and cutting them off her with a knife.

We never saw him at the school again. All games were banned.

8. This took a lot of turns in a short amount of time!

A teacher was caught having s^x with an autistic student.

I believe the student claimed to have loved her.

Her dad was also a teacher at the same school and he left after the incident came out.

Edit: Teacher was female, student was male.

9. Well, this is pretty epic!

Little bit of backstory first.

Our school had a big renovation ongoing, and because of that, almost half off the school was closed down. The closed part included the biggest bathrooms and because of that, the school administration ordered two toilet barracks to be placed on the school yard.

So… some 7-9th graders decided to buy some toilet pipe opener liquid (i don’t know what is the correct term) and aluminium foil. They put the aluminum foil inside some plastic bottles and poured a little pipe opener in them with the foil. As someone has probably done this before, knows what is going to happen next. They stuck 6 bottles total inside the toilet bowls in every stall of one barrack and blew them up due to the chemical reaction between the foil and the opener. All the pipings of the single barrack were destroyed due to water pressure inside the pipes. Turns out that the two barracks had connected pipings and the water that was in the bowls in the other barrack shot up to the ceiling due to pressure.

The students never got caught and if I remember correctly, the incident ended up costing a hefty amount for the school administration. The barracks were taken away, and were replaced with new ones. After the incident, every recess there was a teacher infront on the barracks monitoring everyone going in and out. Nothing happened to the new toilets.

10. The CD master!

Pre-internet days (kinda), CD’s were a thing.

I had a massive CD collection in a gigantic book in my locker. I typed up lists of all the artists and albums I owned. So I had these flyers everywhere and for $3 a CD I’d burn you a copy. This was right when CD burners came out and my stepdad was super into the latest and greatest tech so we had the cool gadgets when they came out.

I eventually was caught but for a time I made killer money.

11. Don’t piss off the minor league boxer!

A Special Ed kid got jumped by a dude on his way to school and was beaten bloody. The whole thing was recorded by the guys girlfriend and her friend. The whole time they were cheering him on yelling things like “World Star!” and so on. She later posted it on Instagram which pissed off everyone and just about everyone wanted to beat the dude up in the vid. He was given temporary suspension (Fucking BS) while the police took care of him. From what I know, he was given a assault charge.

Also side note: There was a girl at my school who was in minor league boxing who was ready to beat him up, she even tried looking for him by his house.

EDIT: For those of you arguing if the boxer would’ve won the fight, can confirm, she was a hell of a lot bigger then the guy. In comparison, he was a pretty skinny dude.

12. Good plan on that third attempt…

Our football coach took off with one of the girls in the high school and moved to mexico and married her.

He had a wife and kids.

They then hired a brand new football coach who was 23 years old.

Before the end of his first year, he was hooking up with an 18 year old senior girl. They also took off and went somewhere.

We went without a coach for a couple years.

13. Hey, whatever works for two adults is up to them.

I had a male teacher in high school who had a lot of chemistry with this one girl in my class. They never did anything inappropriate but like they had great banter and got along great. We’d all joke that she had a crush on him and that they were going to get together. We even joked that they were already secretly hooking up, but we didn’t really think they were.

They were married 5 years later and have 2 kids and couldn’t be happier. It made all of us wonder if something was going down while she was in high school.

They both swear nothing happened until she randomly bumped into him at the supermarket when she was visiting home for the holidays. Parents were outraged when they found out. The school couldn’t fire him because there was no proof. Eventually they got tired of the awkward stares and moved away.

They’ve been married like 8 years now and from what I can see in social media are still going strong.

14. I don’t know what’s worse. The gun or the tapeworm!

Grew up in a small town.

When a lamb got sick and was dying our Ag teacher just had us go out behind the classroom building and shoot it.

We ended up pulling a massive tapeworm out of it.

Definitely not legal to have guns on campus let alone use them.

15. Abusing the disabled is nuts.

Had a pretty controversial case involving a handicapped student who had cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy. His parents filed a lawsuit accusing two of his handlers of abusing him by dumping him out of his chair and forcing him to wear a neck brace so he’d “look them in the eye.”

Worst part was I don’t think the handlers suffered any consequences. I looked up articles on it and all of them highlight the abuse and lawsuit, but none follow through with the results which is frustrating.

16. Here, let me help you shut up forever…

Had a guy selling heroin. After that there was a weekly police presence.

Also, a kid bound a girl to a chair, gagged her and stuffed her in a cupboard in the woodworking shop. He claims it was to help her complete the sponsored silence she had been doing that day.

Okay, I’m scarred for life.

Going to go wash my brain out with beer.