Yes, it’s about time we’re all honest with ourselves and just admit that when we heard the sounds of food… we ALL turn into curious doggos.

Yes, even you Steve. ESPECIALLY you.

But let’s back up…

The Twitter account @aussiesdointhgs shared this and got the tweet storm started…

350K+ likes and 85K+ retweets?!? Wow.

That’s like one of the best tweets ever, yeah?

Yeah it is…

Naturally, doggo owners everywhere related in a BIG way.

And so the sharing commenced!

And the videos started coming in like crazy…

Because dogs can hear EVERYTHING you’re doing…

And it’s usually adorable. Usually.

Especially when it’s about the chips.

Because what’s better than chips?

Or ANY food, for that matter?

Awww… one more for good measure, yeah?


‘I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again… we don’t deserve dogs. But they deserve us. So I guess that all works out, right?

But they do deserve our chips.

Alright fam, what did you think about these tweets? Love them a lot? Love them a little?

Let us know in the comments! Please and thank you!